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Jayce Kolinski

Jayce Kolinski is a Milwaukee-raised and based nonfiction filmmaker and photographer. Their work explores our connection to the spaces around our everyday life through diaristic documentaries. The films take on a hybrid form that wanders between personal, cultural, and environmental investigations and stories of landscapes and places. Rooted in personal experience, their films reflect on the hand of the maker and authority of documentary as it relates to truth.  Most of their work explores topics relating to the natural world and our knowledge of it. These works are intertwined by a collage of analog and digital video formats that explore alternative processes to image-making. 

This work is a wandering reflection on leaving home and building a new life in a duplex two blocks away from the oldest American Beech Tree in Milwaukee.

The Oldest Living Beech Tree in Milwaukee, 2021

Digital video installation, 8:10

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